Jul. 04.

“Never Complain. Never Explain.”

Hi Everyone,

There have been countless people throughout history that have been quoted saying, “Never complain. Never explain.” At first I thought it was Judy Garland but it wasn’t. After a quick online search, I discovered Katherine Hepburn, Henry Ford, Queen Elizabeth and Kate Moss have been quoted using the above saying but like I said, the list is pretty endless. Honestly, I am not even going to state who said it first. It’s too confusing. What is not, or should not be, confusing is the meaning.


First I would like to say that my life has been simplified immensely since I have heard and more importantly have been practicing, “Never complain. Never explain.” Anytime something happens in my life that could have me complaining, I don’t. Why? Well, complaining is a waste of time and energy. No one in their right mind wants to hear someone complain. Complaining is also negative.

If I DECIDE to complain and it is always a decision and a negative one, than, due to the law of attraction, I would be willingly, asking to attract more negativity into my life. So complaining is really a form of wrong headedness, reverse logic. That sounds simple enough, but have you ever tried explaining that to anyone? I have and my success rate has been pretty low. (Here’s a link to a blog on the law of attraction, http://arebelsrant.com/we-get-what-we-givthe-law-of-attraction/)

I attribute my low success rate in this area because I am of the opinion, that the people I was trying to explain this to, were so BUSY, trying to figure out a way to continue complaining to me that they couldn’t hear me. After my trying to explain what they were doing to themselves, I finally gave up explaining anything to them. That is not the meaning of, “Never complain. Never explain,” but it has been another benefit as to how my life has been simplified. Just saying!

When it comes to the, “Never explain,” part of the saying I just think, “Would anyone (really) care about the explanation? Probably not, so why bother.” Men seem to understand this. They REALLY don’t want to hear anyone complain or explain anything. Personally, I don’t think that they are wired for listening to complaining and explaining. Now that I know that saying, I’m no longer wired for it either. So I’m like a man when it comes to that too. (Here’s the link to a blog I wrote on that, http://arebelsrant.com/im-like-a-man-when/ )

Here’s the rub. Some people will TELL you, try to SELL you, into believing that they aren’t complaining, but simply commenting. The point of difference, in my opinion, is the tone of voice, delivery and length of whatever the person is saying. That means if they say something like, “I’m late because the bus got into an accident,” in a deadpan, flat, tone that says it all, that is a comment. A complaint sounds like this, “…I’m late because the bus got into an accident, everyone had to wait for ANOTHER bus to come and get us. It was packed, I had to stand and my feet are KILLING me. The guy beside me…” and the STORY goes on and on, in a whiny voice I might add.  

Unfortunately, the longer the explanation generally means that they will repeat their complaint to anyone who will listen! Lately, I have managed to avoid complaints quite well. I recommend that you do too! It will save you your sanity. Unless of course, you have something that you want to complain and explain that is.

Thank you for reading, A. Rebel’s Rant! ;D

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